Of Second Chances

… and thirds, fourths and fifths

What’s with Second Chances

How do you pick up the pieces after 10 years of marriage?  20? How do you deal with losing a baby?  How do you believe in yourself again?

Chances are, we all have experienced being broken in one way or another, some in every way imaginable, and… some still, even in the unimaginable.  There are a lot of books and gurus who would give you the how-to’s,  I’ve actually read a lot.  But how do you even begin to know where to look?, or what to look for?, weed out the good from the bad?, or conceive it to be even possible.

At one point in our lives, don’t we all need that second chance.  I have to admit, I lost count of the number of chances I have dared to take for myself.  But each turn in my story, I had that distinct feeling that I deserved that second chance at the very least?

For most people on the outside, actually even for my own family and circle of friends, I have led much too many lives than my most straight-arrow friends can fathom or appreciate.  For a time, I believed them.  I can only see what was wrong with me.  On the surface, my life has been disjointed, disconnected, and for the last few years, disillusioned.

To that I say, hell YES!  Finally, after more than 43 years, I am coming into my skin.  I have a very long journey ahead, but it feels like it is falling into place, after everything fell apart.

I can not say these are words of wisdom in these pages.  that would be assuming too much.  But it is my journey, always trying.

It took me a hard fall down a flight of stairs to have some sense knocked into me.






2 comments on “What’s with Second Chances

  1. april4june6
    November 2, 2014

    Hello dear co-blogger, I like what you write and also believe in second, third, and …. chances! All the best for the future!

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